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8 easy steps to turn clinical information into Optical Reality

How to successfully manage the hand-off between Doctor and Optician when prescribing Neurolenses in your practice:

  1. Follow the Neurolens process for measuring patients in your practice by having them fill out the lifestyle index and measure them on the NMD2

  2. Take the time to discuss the patient's symptoms revealed in their lifestyle index and thoroughly explain how there could be a correlation between these symptoms and their eye misalignment.

  3. Briefly explain to them what Neurolens is, while focusing on how Neurolenses can address and relieve their symptoms in a way no other lens can. Get the patient excited about having an option that can change their lives-there is a solution to their symptoms! 

  4. Work with the patient to find the best custom combination to fit their lifestyle and relieve their symptoms, i.e., lens type-progressive, single-vision, transitions added, blue-light filters, etc. 

  5. Bring the patient to the Optician and discuss your recommended combination, explain what problems and symptoms your patient has, and what your recommendation is to relieve them.

  6. Keep it personal! Encourage your team to use their personal experiences with Neurolenses-whether their own, a friend, or family members to turn your clinical recommendations and the patient's symptoms into reality. Create excitement about how Neurolenses could work for them by giving them first-hand examples of how they have helped similar patients. 

  7. The Optician makes it happen! Sharing personal stories about how the lenses have worked creates patient buy-in and gets them excited about Neurolenses being the solution for them!

  8. Once the patient is bought-in to the value and has heard real-life success stories, they can then make the most informed decision on getting Neurolenses to bring them relief! Collaboration, personalization, and communication are essential to a successful hand-off!


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