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Hear From Your Peers! Neurolens Roundtable 2023

Hear from your peers: Dr. Brenda Montecalvo, Dr. Paul Karpecki, Dr. Ray Corbin-Simon, Dr. Amanda Nanasy, and Dr. Carol Nelson. Listen in as Dr. Paul Karpecki leads this distinguished panel in an in-depth discussion on eye misalignment, binocularity, vision beyond 20/20, patient benefits, the NMD2, the future of Vision Care, Neurolens, and more in this 6-part series!



vision beyond2020

Part 1: Vision Beyond 20/20                                 Part 2: Challenges of Binocular


youtueb4    coming soon part 3 (1)

Part 3: Prevalence of misalignment and           Part 4: The NMD2 in the real world
what it means to optometrists
coming soon part 3 (2)      coming soon part 3 (5)
Part 5: Binocularity & Productivity                     Part 6: Patient Benefits


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